Seasonal Insect Problems

Insect Activity – Season By Season

Insect activity fluctuates during different seasons of the year, bringing different problems. Varying weather patterns, for example, a particularly simmering summer, affect insect activity. Also, weird weather conditions also play a significant role in impacting role in an increase in insect & pest activity.

There is a natural ebb and flow to insect life but the most important factor is temperature. In the weeks leading up to fall, and eventually winter, many insects search for a place to overwinter. Roof eaves, panelling and many other structural parts of the house may provide undetected, protected spots. Mild winters also help push bugs out of the soil and into the home. However, there are insects that are more prevalent during different times of the year across various regions of Pakistan. The key to preventing infestations is preparing your house for when these insects come calling. Seasonal maintenance can make a huge difference when battling swarms of insects looking to settle in a suitable space. Do it with Mortein, and the pest control will be even more effective.

There are some resilient insects that are always prevalent, no matter the season. These include cockroaches, bedbugs, ants and termites, which, although they thrive during the spring, can be present in homes throughout the year. If you suspect these insects have established a presence in your home, use Mortein on the affected areas and eliminate them immediately. Having a specialist deal with the threat quickly minimizes the chance of an infestation can spread and cause further damage.

But, since most insects have predictable habits, you can plan ahead before they become a problem. Knowing which insects are prevalent at different times helps you develop an effective pest-control strategy. Following is a list of some of the insects found in different seasons:



In springtime, you can’t let your guard down for termites. For termites, this is their swarming season, as they prefer warm weather, especially after rain. They begin mating and building new colonies as well.

Other Insects

Other common spring pests include stinging insects, ants and cockroaches. With an increase in travel during this time of the year, beg bug infestations are also on the rise.



Many insects enjoy the warm, lazy, hazy summer days. Mosquitoes are a common sight and the warm weather leads to an increase in their eggs. Mosquito bites can lead to irritating itches and some viruses.

Stinging Insects

There’s a chance that you’re enjoying an idyllic summer picnic and it gets ruined by a swarm of wasps, bees or hornets! This is because during the hot summer months, stinging insect populations can soar.


Ants prefer the warm months to breed and build their colonies. They come into your homes, contaminating food. You can usually find them hiding behind the fridge, in the toaster or around the trash bins.


A cockroach infestation brings many problems, such as food-borne illnesses and allergic reactions such as asthma. They are usually holed up inside the cracks of your walls or in the kitchen cabinets.

Fall & Winter


Most people only encounter fleas in their homes if they have pets. But what if you don’t have pets and still have fleas in your homes? Fleas could fall or crawl in through the tiniest gaps in your ceilings, walls or even light fixtures thus infesting your house.

Understanding seasonal insect activity and equipped with Mortein will allow you to have a proactive approach to pests rather than a reactive one.