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With an aim of ridding Pakistan of a malady as serious as Dengue, Mortein rolled out its first ever CSR program in 2014, calling it ‘Hamara Azm, Dengue 100% khatam’. According to WHO, Dengue is the fastest growing vector borne disease that the world faces. [1] In a year, up to 50 million infections occur worldwide with 500,000 cases becoming critical and 22,000 deaths occurring mostly in children [2]. Grasping the urgency of the situation, Mortein decided to do something about protecting the masses of the disease.

Identifying the most vulnerable parts of the society, Mortein collaborated with hospitals across the nation to set up Dengue wards. These wards were installed with Anti-Dengue kits for patients who would be brought to these hospitals when diagnosed with the disease.

Moreover, Mortein empowered the youth of Pakistan in collecting what is a known basic requirement for Dengue patients: blood. Partnering with some of the top Universities of Pakistan, Mortein conducted blood drives with an aim of ensuring that platelet-seeking patients would not face a shortage of blood.

Throughout this program, Mortein focused on spreading awareness of battling this disease with simple steps introduced in peoples’ daily lives. Many underestimate the power of these basic steps that can prevent Dengue-carrying mosquitoes to breed. Capitalising on this insight, Mortein launched the awareness leg of its CSR program by going to popular TV channels with a team of doctors and its cause ambassador to spread these basic steps. Moreover, during the university blood and hospital drives, Mortein imparted this set of steps to as many people as it could.

This program was a true reflection of what Mortein as a brand stands for: collaborating across board with people to ensure that their surroundings are pest free so that they may enjoy happier, healthier lives!


Entering: 2015

In 2015, Mortein plans to focus again on preventive measures that can reduce occurrence of any mosquito borne disease in the most exposed strata of the society: street children.

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